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The pride of China Steel--The birth of 00Cr super

      On May 8, 2011, Li Yongan, a legal person in the steel industry, and his team drank a night of wine at a small restaurant near China University of Petroleum (East China). Everyone was excited to be like a child, never drinking Li Yongan. I also drunk myself. Ten years of hard years, countless sleepless nights, and all the constant failures, and today they finally ushered in the good news that made them proud. The new special steel they researched and succeeded finally succeeded. The success of the invention is worthy of the pride of the whole of China!


(China Steel-Leader Li Yongan graduated from Zhejiang University)


This new steel grade invented by the Li Yongan team of Ruizhi Steel was named as the super anti-corrosion 00Cr new material: (A steel authorized invention patent number: 2010 1 0560806.8)

      Its main characteristics are high strength, corrosion resistance, performance indicators far exceed the world's steel superpowers of the United States and Japan of the same type of steel, is a nickel-plated molybdenum type steel.

      00Cr super steel is not only superior in performance to these same types of imported steel, but also priced at one-fifth of imported nickel-based alloy steel pipes. According to a report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on October 13, 2014, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Hou Baorong of the Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences led a research team to show that the damage caused by marine corrosion of military and civilian steel is as high as 500 billion yuan, accounting for 5% of GDP. According to the SASAC News 2013 National The total consumption of steel for oil and gas fields is 240 billion. Previously, due to technical limitations, China, which has special requirements for oil exploration, shipbuilding, water conservancy construction, and transportation construction, relied mainly on imports from Japan, the United States, and other countries. The price of imported steel was high, and it was also restricted by the other side. Spend a lot of foreign exchange.

      The application of 00Cr super steel saves a lot of money for the country, effectively prolongs the service life of steel products and greatly improves production efficiency.

      At present, through the trial of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield and CNOOC's new steel oilfield application product developed by Li Yong'an team (a steel, including its sucker rod and steel in the oilfield application patent number: 2012 1 0371921.X), it is found that In the case of the company, it can save up to five times the cost of the enterprise. In the high-strength and high-corrosion environment, the service life of the product is extended by more than three times. The expert evaluation is the best material type sucker rod in the world.

      According to the news of April 6, 2018, the 9Cr high-strength, anti-corrosion steel developed by the United States began to be used in North America, and this time, the team of the wisdom steel industry has developed this steel for nearly ten years, which makes Li Yongan very uneasy, if Their new material can be fully applied, how good it should be.

      At present, Li Yongan's biggest wish is to hope that the 00Cr new steel developed by his team can be applied to various fields of the country as soon as possible to benefit the country and the people. Zhejiang Ruizhi Steel is gradually exploring the application of this new material in other fields from the application of single oilfield oil production equipment. In the near future, perhaps each of us will really feel their invention bring us Benefits.

      The wise steel industry team and their 00Cr super steel will become the pride of China Steel, leaving a glorious page in the history of Chinese steel! Although every new technology will be produced and promoted, it will face such difficulties, but the history After all, the wheels are rolling forward. I believe that there are people like Li Yongan and Ruizhi Steel who are dedicated to the hard work of the Chinese steel industry. China's steel technology will definitely head the world!

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